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Regular songs about regular people...

CohTone Records presents: Workin' Man. - Now avalable on iTunes and Rhapsody!!!

Goodbye Girl (from the CD "Workin' Man")

Louisiana Man (from the CD "Workin' Man")

Zydeco Lady (from the CD "Workin' Man")

CohTone Records presents: CATS ON HOLIDAY! - 11 songs for your listening pleasure!

Halloween (from the CD "Cats On Holiday")

Drinkin' (from the CD "Cats On Holiday")

Also from CohTone Records: SWAMP POP! - A mix of live and studio releases. [SORRY...CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT]

Hucklebuck (from the CD "Swamp Pop")

The one that started it all: SHAKE THIS! - Over one hour of original tunes, 13 songs in all. [SORRY...CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT]

In the Kettle (from the CD "Shake This")

To order yours send $12.99 US each to:  Denis DeVito  1347 Bonnieview Lakewood, OH 44107 or Email